Connecting the Dots: Why do we care about expungement?

ICADV’s Legal Team has been implementing a series of Expungement Clinics all over Indiana for the past year, as part of our Social Justice Legal Series, and you may be wondering why.

Why does the expungement of dated criminal arrests and convictions MATTER in this movement?

Simply, because it allows the survivors we serve to work to their full ability. Many survivors experience criminal charges because they retaliate against abusive partners or commit crimes as a result of abuse. Criminal records are often a barrier to employment, housing, and other social safety nets.

When survivors are economically independent, they will thrive. But don’t take it from me—here are some quotes from the survivors we have assisted:

This expungement gives me the freedom to explore my passions and to start programs that will help others that have had similar situations as mine, such as recovery and rescue services. Thanks so much!

Since I have gotten my expungement I was able to get my old job back at [redacted] After School Program, but I also got promoted in the process. I am now an on site coordinator. And got into the BSW program. It’s only been a week! Many more changes to come!!!

It is important for me so that I can get into an internship. All of the intern programs for my field are in the school system and they cannot let me in. Also I would like to get a good paying job and with background checks it makes it difficult, at least to work with kids.

ICADV’s next Expungement Clinic is Friday, November 8th in Evansville. If you are interested in having us come to your community, contact Kerry Hyatt Bennett at We are planning 2020 clinics now!

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