Educational Materials Order Form

*ANNOUNCEMENT* ICADV is currently in the process of updating our educational materials. Current quantities available for mailing are extremely limited. All materials currently on the website can be downloaded and printed.

Educational materials may be ordered from ICADV in quantities of 25-300 at a time. If you need additional materials or have questions, please contact ICADV directly at 317-917-3685.

If your agency is local or you are attending an upcoming training at ICADV, you can also schedule a time to pick up educational materials at our office. 

Please note: Brochures not marked with an asterisk (*) cite laws and resources specific to the state of Indiana and will only be shipped to Indiana and surrounding states.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak affecting office operations at ICADV, order fulfillment may be delayed for an extended period of time.

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