Emergency Transfer Plans

Larisa Kofman, J.D. and Karlo Ng, J.D., with the National Alliance for Safe Housing, and Kerry Hyatt Bennett, J.D., with the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence will be conducting the following webinar: Housing Protections for Survivors of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Stalking and Sexual Assault. The webinar will provide an overview of federal and Indiana […]

Housing First

In collaboration with the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Learn the model for providing Domestic Violence Housing First, contrasted with standard Housing First practices, with NNEDV's Senior Housing Policy & Practice Specialist Debbie Fox and consider how to develop and adopt DVHF programs for survivors. About the Presenter: Debbie Fox, MSW, has worked in the domestic […]

Trauma-Informed Care

Learn the framework for trauma-informed care and its essential application in working with survivors, including agency-based incorporation of trauma-informed practices and services that support survivors’ safety, autonomy, and well-being. Participants will have increased knowledge of and engage in innovative safe housing programming for survivors in their communities. About the Presenter: Kris Billhardt, M.ED., ED.S., NASH’s Director […]