Happy Pride Month!

At ICADV we believe that respectful and equitable relationships should be available to everybody, regardless of racial identity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We celebrate ALL healthy relationships and we are working for a future where all relationships will be safe, stable, and nurturing. 

We know that  LGBTQ people experience multiple forms of violence, including sexual violence and domestic violence, at higher rates than cisgender, heterosexual people. Because the LGBTQ community faces higher rates of poverty, stigma, and marginalization, they are at a greater risk for violence. 

LGBTQ Pride Month (June) is a time to break down barriers and build more connections with and within the LGBTQ community. We believe that when people can be their true, authentic selves and be in relationships without fear of being stigmatized or judged, it decreases isolation and increases  connectedness, which can help reduce violence. ICADV celebrates this month with millions of people across the United States and here in Indiana, with the hope that some day, all people will be free to be themselves and say once and for all, love is love. 

For resources on serving Trans+ survivors of violence and their loved ones, check out Forge-forward.org. For resources on serving LGBT Youth, visit indianayouthgroup.org. And visit ICADV’s booth at the Indy Pride Festival on June 9.