Honoring the Past and Running Towards the Future – RAFDV 2018 Team Stories

One way to participate in ICADV’s Annual Race Away from Domestic Violence is to create a team. We asked some of our Team Captains to share why they started their teams and what it means to them to participate in this event. 


Team #LovePrevails is in honor of Allie Tenbarge.

Our team #LovePrevails was developed to honor the memory of Allie Tenbarge and her 35 week unborn son, Parker. On April 18, 2017 they were taken from us in an act of domestic violence. Our lives will forever be impacted by this senseless act and the loss of such a sweet and loving young lady and her baby.

We cannot watch Allie become the wonderful mother we know should have been. We cannot watch Allie thrive in the field of criminal justice that she was hoping to pursue a career in. We cannot get one of those amazing whole body hugs that she always gave or receive one of her smiles that lit up a room. 

We believe we can honor her by focusing on the things we CAN do.

We CAN walk or run in this race in Allie and Parker’s memory. We CAN fight for justice for Allie and Parker! We CAN help to bring awareness to domestic violence! We CAN help to prevent further violence so no other family or friend has to endure the loss of their loved one. We CAN and WILL continue to honor their memories by supporting agencies that help women in need.

We believe that we will not let her death due to domestic violence overshadow the love that she had for life, family, and friends. We will remember her and we will continue to fight for and honor Allie and Parker because LOVE PREVAILS.

Team Captain Jami Carlson, Allie’s Mother


We Walk for Coburn

We are the Young Professional Engagement Committee for Coburn Place, called Indigo, and we walk for the residents that live there, in the onsite facility and in the community-based housing initiative. 

Indigo, the Young Professional Engagement Committee at Coburn Place

We walk because the statistics surrounding domestic violence are staggering: according to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, 1 in 3 women experience intimate partner violence (including rape, stalking, and  physical violence) at some point in their life. An average of 3 women are killed by a current or former intimate partner every day. 15.5 million children witness domestic violence each year. We walk because the need is astronomical, the situations are truly life or death, and because the resources are few and far between. 

We walk for women like Brianna, who had to become her own hero, after her prince charming turned into her worst nightmare. It wasn’t until she was connected with housing and support services at Coburn Place that she was able to break generations of violence for her and her children. We walk for “Mallory,” a little girl at Coburn Place, who has autism, and struggled with the unpredictability of her life and witnessing the abuse her mother endured. For months, she was afraid to participate in any activity, but we walk because Ms. Teia, the Children’s Services Advocate at Coburn Place, was able to make her feel safe enough to be a kid… and now she is thriving. 

We walk because there is hope. 

In 2017 alone, Coburn Place provided housing options and services to 82 adults and 114 children. They hosted 48 workshops to children about healthy relationships and breaking the cycle. They hosted 98 workshops for adults regarding financial literacy and economic empowerment, domestic violence education and healthy relationships, and housing resources. In 2017, Coburn Place provided 41,462 days and nights of safety, resources, and support to rebuild. 

We walk because we believe everyone deserves a safe home. We walk because the journey to a life free from domestic violence, stable housing, and economic security can be rocky and difficult, but we want survivors to know that they aren’t walking alone. 

Team Captain Emily Shrock


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