The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence announced its launch of the statewide #INAgainstDA campaign. The campaign focuses on reducing stigma, engaging bystanders, and affirming survivors’ safety decisions.

The #INAgainstDA campaign breaks away from many domestic violence campaigns by turning its focus from survivors of domestic abuse and violence to bystanders and the community at large.

“Everyone has a part to play in ending the stigma around domestic abuse,” said Laura Berry, Executive Director of ICADV. “In our continued discussions with survivors of domestic violence and abuse, they all report being met with stigma and obstacles around their decisions.”

“There is the misconception that leaving the situation is the first step; the reality for many survivors is much more complicated. This campaign challenges those beliefs and calls on bystanders to learn more about the nuances around domestic abuse and the resources available. I am very proud of this campaign and I hope it helps bring awareness not only to the variety of ways everyone can help but also to the variety of viable solutions for survivors,” said Berry.

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