ICADV Responds to Calls for Attorney General Hill’s Resignation

The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence has a long history of standing beside victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Believing victims is one of the most fundamental ways we offer the support they need to heal from the trauma of violence.
ICADV also believes in speaking truth to power. Attorney General Curtis Hill holds a powerful position in the state of Indiana, but he is not above the law or above the policies put in place by the state government. He holds the responsibility to resign from his office and be held accountable for his actions. That is the only way that we, as a coalition of domestic violence service providers and agencies, feel that victims of domestic violence and sexual assault will feel supported in stepping forward and holding people who do harm accountable.

ICADV will be participating in a rally on Saturday, July 7 (2:00 pm) at the Indiana Statehouse to share our support for victims of sexual assault and call for the resignation of the Attorney General.