ICADV Stands With Buffalo, New York


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ICADV Stands with Buffalo, New York


Indianapolis, Indiana, May 18, 2022 – Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) stands in solidarity, grief and resolve with the city and people of Buffalo, New York as we mourn the racially motivated hate crime that resulted in the injury of three and death of ten community members. We deplore this devastating act of terrorism targeting Black people, and call out the broader resurgence of white supremacist threats and acts of violence that seek to terrorize, oppress, and control communities of color across the country.

At ICADV, we believe that all forms of violence are connected. We believe that those who think it is acceptable to use threats and violence to assert dominance in public spaces also think it is acceptable to abuse their partners to gain control in their intimate relationships. With the current resurgence of public acts of violence, we see a parallel surge in the prevalence and severity of intimate partner violence in our homes.

We are renewed in our resolve to address all forms of white supremacist oppression and to work to create communities where all of our lives are cherished, valued, supported, and protected.



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