ICADV – We Stand with the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

ICADV – We stand with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Acts of discriminatory violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders must stop. At ICADV we are mourning the racialized and gendered murders of eight victims in the Atlanta-area spa shootings. ICADV will not remain silent in the face of targeted acts of violence based on race, gender, national origin, ethnicity, occupation, and engagement with survival economies. We see these murders within the broader US history of acts of discrimination and violence perpetrated against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders—from the earliest immigration policies designed to exclude, to policies of war designed to inter. We also see them in the context of the past year where acts of hate speech were used to scapegoat Asians as blameworthy for a global pandemic, and where reports of discriminatory violence perpetrated against people of Asian descent increased by 150% in cities across the US.

Anti-Asian violence, violence against women and femmes, and racism are unacceptable. ICADV condemns these acts of violence and ask that we all take a role in shattering racism and acts of violence. We believe that inequities between people—based on identities like race & ethnicity, gender, abilities, sexual identities and orientation, among others—fuel multiple forms of violence. It is our long-standing belief that all forms of violence and oppression are connected, and you cannot fight against one form of injustice and not fight against others. We take a stand against white supremacy and the discriminatory acts of violence that are used to maintain it.

At ICADV, we are working for a world where we are all seen, valued and nurtured; we are working towards a world where we all belong. We believe that by creating these conditions, our communities will reject violence, and all of us will have the opportunity to contribute and to thrive.


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