In response to the US Capitol Hill Insurrection

We believe in democracy. We believe in peaceful protest. We believe that we are all better when we debate the challenges that confront us as a nation.

This vision of American democracy was betrayed by the events at the United States Capitol on January 6. We join with the members of our movement and community in strongly condemning the attempted use of brute force to overturn the will and processes of the people.

We cannot ignore the parallels between this use of brute force to exert power and control at the national level with the violence that we see in intimate relationships. We cannot ignore the parallels between this use of brute force and the violence and threats of violence that have been used to contain and control the opportunities available to people of color.

Our work to end to violence in our homes and communities is incomplete if we do not also speak out and work against institutional abuses of power that systematically take away people’s freedom and safety. We join many others in our movement in calling for accountability for elected officials who enabled this violence, including some of Indiana’s own lawmakers who chose to invalidate the electoral processes that have been in place since the founding of our country and support this violent uprising.

In order to strengthen our communities and create a culture where violence is not acceptable, we must go beyond direct services to survivors of domestic violence. We must address and dismantle the systemic roots of all forms of violence, oppression and supremacy.

To read ICADV’s commitment to anti-racism, click here.

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