Legally Brief Factsheet: Coming in 2022: New Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

Legally Brief Factsheet:

Coming in 2022: New Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines will be changed, effective January 1, 2022.

Changes include the addition of a new section advising how to approach custody and parenting time during a public health emergency, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Existing court orders regarding custody and parenting time shall remain in place during a public health emergency and shall be followed, the section says, advising that parties should be flexible and cooperate for the best interests and health of the children.

Other amendments include:

  • Updates regarding electronic communication and terms
  • The use of a law enforcement facility for exchanges is an extreme measure to be considered only in cases where protective orders between the parents exist or if a history of repeated acts of physical violence or intimidation between the parents exists.
  • Recurring events which may require an adjustment, such as military drill obligations or annual work obligations, should be communicated as soon as those scheduled events are published.
  • If a child is 3 years or older, but not yet enrolled in an academic childcare program or educational facility, then the district school calendar of the district where the child primarily resides shall control for the purpose of determining holiday parenting time, unless the parties equally share parenting time.

You can access the full order here:

Additionally, the amended guidelines offer a link to an online calendar that can help parents create a parenting time schedule.

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