Legally Brief: HUD’s Proposed Non-citizen Rule

On April 17, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released a proposed rule for Congressional review that would prohibit “mixed-status families” from living in public housing and Section 8 program. “Mixed status families” are households that include both members who are eligible and ineligible for housing assistance based on their immigration status. This new rule would also require all housing applicants’ immigration status be “screened” by a program run by the USCIS.

After the fifteen day review period, which began on April 17, there will be 60 days for public comment.

Under the guise of shortening waiting lists, the new proposed rule would further demonize and demoralize undocumented immigrants, a clear strategy of this current administration. We know that waiting lists are long because of the extraordinary lack of public housing in this country, not because of the immigrant population.

The proposed HUD rule threatens the housing stability of thousands of immigrant families that legally reside in public and Section 8 housing and will further increase the panic, fear, and confusion among immigrant communities.

For more information on this proposed rule, click here.

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