Let All of Our Girls Play: We Still Stand With You

Indianapolis, Indiana, 5.25.2022 – Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Inc.


Just yesterday, the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) stood alongside the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana at the Indiana Statehouse to show support for transgender youth and encourage Indiana legislators not to overturn the Governor’s veto of HEA 1041 – the bill that excludes the participation of trans girls in school athletics.

Despite our efforts, the Indiana legislature overrode Governor Holcomb’s veto, which is set to go into effect July 1, 2022. This new law will deny transgender girls the right to join their sports teams and ultimately deny their ability to be authentically themselves. We are extremely disappointed that our legislators took this action. Enforcing gender roles has effects that are not only harmful to transgender girls, but to all children. At ICADV, we know when individuals are isolated through practices, policies and stigma, they become more vulnerable to violence.

Now more than ever, ICADV and our community stakeholders will continue to show our support for our transgender girls through knowledge of resources, outreach, and opposing any bill that jeopardizes building a culture of inclusivity – where all of us are seen and supported, across our differences. Below you will find a list of a few supportive resources and please visit www.icadvinc.org for more information.

  • Indiana Youth Group : IYG creates safer spaces to foster community and provides programming that empowers LGBTQ+ youth and magnifies their voices. IYG is proud to provide a listing of resources available to LGBTQ+ youth and parents. Organizations listed are trusted community partners: https://www.indianayouthgroup.org/resources
  • Kaleidoscope Youth Community : Kaleidoscope is a youth-led organization serving LGBTQIA+ and allied youth ages 12-20 in Bloomington, IN and surrounding areas.
  • Gender Nexus : GenderNexus has been created for trans and nonbinary people, to address all components of individual wellness – physical, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, and environmental. They also focus on building healthy relationships – relationship with self, with a partner, with parents, family, and friends. See their resource list: https://gendernexus.org/resources/
  • Trans Lifeline provides peer support for our community. 877-565-8860 https://translifeline.org/
  • Trevor Line 24/7 has counselors who support LGBTQ+ youth in crisis. 866-488-7386 or text “START” to 678678

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