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Welcome to the Member Page! This is the place to find key resources, forms, and documents that are available to you as a Member of ICADV.

Please don’t hesitate to contact ICADV and we will work to get you what you need.

COVID-19 Member Resources

Grantee Staff Pay  – March 19, 2020

Admin Relief for Recipients of Federal Assistance Impacted by COVID-19

COVID-19 Letter to Constituents: Grant Interruptions

NNEDV X The AllState Foundation Funding Opportunity Eligibility: Local domestic violence shelters and programs that are 501(c)(3) nonprofits whose budgets do not exceed $750,000 per year. Priority will be given to small nonprofit organizations who demonstrate the greatest need.



• A letter from board leadership / membership to staff (individually or as a group)
• Provide opportunities for staff to connect that are not job-related: staff zoom lunches, zoom coffee / happy hour, send / post pictures of your break activity, closed Facebook group for easier connections
• Theme weeks
• Self care liaison or accountability buddy (we are great at preaching self-care but suck at practicing it so having someone you check in with when you take a walk or disconnect)
• Stipends / gift cards
• Daily self-care or recognition emails
• Scavenger hunt
• Fancy hat day
• Team trivia
• Chair yoga
• Zoom Yoga (Caryn has the link and join information if you / staff want to partake Wednesdays at 3 pm
• Opportunity to debrief with professional (counselor, LMHC) at staff meeting
• Check in with staff to see what they need to make working from home easier, equipment-wise, do they have it or can you access it for them
• Team up with another program / local organization to support each other’s staff –> send notes, leave voicemails etc of support;
• Help advocates establish boundaries and make it okay to disengage and disconnect –> model this by forcing ourselves to do it, too

While having legal representation is often critical and is considered the best possible option for survivors, sometimes this is just not possible. Therefore, ICADV’s Legal Resource Project is happy to provide these “pro se” legal forms for your client’s use. The term “pro se” means that the client is representing themselves and is filing this form on their own behalf. We believe it is best practice for the program advocate to work with the client in filling a pro se form out, and if need be seek legal technical assistance from ICADV Legal Counsel. Finally, it is important to note that the Indiana Courts have an online Self Service Legal Center that can provide a various resources.

Protective Order Online Filing:

Protective Order Portal Instructions

Release of Information Forms:

Satellite Attorney Program

The following forms are for ICADV’s Satellite Attorney Programs. The forms should be filled out by the advocate and the client and emailed to ICADV Legal Counsel, Kerry Hyatt Bennett. Any questions should be emailed to

Fillable Forms:

Address Confidentiality Program

Crime Victims’ Rights in Indiana

Immigrant Legal Project 

  • Intake Form
    • Please submit to Jocelyn Alday, Staff Attorney, at when complete

Indiana Legal Updates

Pro Se Forms

Advance Directives Factsheets:

“Advance Directive” is a term that refers to your spoken and written instructions about your future medical care and treatment. Examples can include things like a Do Not Resuscitate Order, organ and/or tissue donation direction, a Heath Care Power of Attorney or a Living Will.  Each of these are designed to help your family and physician understand your wishes about your medical care. An advance directive may name a person of your choice to make health care choices for you when you cannot make the choices for yourself. If you want, you may use an advance directive to prevent certain people from making health care decisions on your behalf

Part 1: An Introduction

Part 2: Power of Attorney

Part 3: Living Will

Part 4: Do Not Resuscitate

BIP Attachments & Forms

Below is a link to a zip folder containing all of the BIP Attachments and Forms. If you have trouble accessing these documents, please contact ICADV.

BIP Monitoring Form:

Please complete the following report and submit to ICADV within one week of the review. Once you’ve submitted the form via this portal, please email Jessica ( and/or Terri ( to inform them that it has been submitted. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to either Jess or Terri.

Below is a link a zip file containing multiple Peer Review resources and materials. If you have trouble downloading the file or accessing these documents, please contact ICADV.

The Move to End Violence Cohort is a group of programs volunteering their time to identify and pilot programs designed to re-center domestic violence services in survivor-defined success. The cohort is currently interviewing survivors from under-served communities to determine the best way to serve survivors of domestic violence as equitably as possible.

Meeting Notes

Presentations and Handouts




Economic Justice Application Word Doc

Economic Justice Application PDF

Applications should be sent via fax or email to Jessica Marcum at 317-917-3695 or

Submit Your Event

Post your upcoming training, fundraiser or other event on ICADV’s community calendar. All events are subject to approval based on relevance and editing for content, style and clarity by the website administrator.

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Yes! We are Open graphics:

ICADV has created a Facebook cover photo and in-depth infographic to remind the general public that programs are still open and ready to serve survivors.
There are two options for Facebook cover photos (without the white and the text) and the more in-depth infographic.
  1. Create custom graphics for your program:
    1. Fillable Infographic has a field at the bottom for you to upload your logo (PNG with transparent background preferred) and a text field for you to fill in crisis line information, website, anything else pertinent. 
      1. If you would like to use this as an image for your website, social media, etc: After filling in your program’s information, you will click File -> Save As -> and from the format or file type dropdown menu (usually under the file name field) select “PNG”.
    2. FB Cover Photo: Is blank to allow a little more flexibility, so feel free to insert whatever info you feel is necessary there, your logo, crisis line, etc. however you normally create graphics/edit photos. 
  2. Use the pre-populated ICADV graphics if that is easier for you right now.
    1. Infographic
    2. FB Cover
To be accessible for people using online readers, if you upload this on your website or email platform, please include the following alt. text:
Indiana’s Domestic Violence Programs are open & ready to serve survivors during the COVID-19 outbreak: DV programs are considered essential under Governor Holcomb’s Stay-At-Home Order and are ready to provide residential & non-residential services.The ways in which some of those services are provided may look different.
Residential programs have relaxed rules as much as possible for healthy communal living. For everyone’s safety during the COVID-19 outbreak, some temporary new rules & restrictions may need to be established.
A survivor with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 can stay in shelter as long as they follow isolation procedures recommended by health officials and/or program staff.
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