Move To End Violence

Move to End Violence is a 10-year movement-building program for change. The program supports leaders across the country who work in the movement to end violence against girls and women to step back from their daily work to envision the change they want to see, imagine new strategies, and build the capacity needed to realize this change.

Re-Centering Report Header: Indiana's Movement to Ground Domestic Violence Programs in Survivor-Defined Success

After two and a half years of extensive research, ICADV has compiled a comprehensive report of recommendations for communities and domestic violence programs based on interviews conducted with survivors of domestic violence.

We conducted 91 individual interviews and five focus group discussions with survivors. in order to learn what types of programs and services were most valued, what needs were unmet, and fundamentally, how communities could reduce violence by increasing safety and supports for all of us.

Going forward, the report – entitled Re-centering: Indiana’s Movement to Ground Domestic Violence Programs in Survivor-Defined Success – will guide statewide programs, trainings, legislative advocacy and violence prevention initiatives.


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As A National Movement

As part of a national cohort of domestic and sexual violence coalitions led by past participants of the Move the End Violence program, ICADV participates in meetings with colleagues from across the country to define a shared vision of an equitable, inclusive, sustainable world free from violence. As a group, the cohort makes strategic decisions about the work that needs to be accomplished and how to develop the leadership capacities that are needed to accomplish that work. Through the space that is created to envision this future, opportunities arise to leverage the programs that are in place to form new partnerships with other allied social justice movements in pursuit of this vision.

As Communities

To move these ideas forward in communities across Indiana, ICADV has convened a cohort of thirteen local domestic and sexual violence programs to identify and pilot programs designed to re-center domestic violence services in survivor-defined success. These programs are volunteering their time and resources to lead this process.

As An Organization

At ICADV, staff have been engaged in a similar process to adopt what is learned with the national cohort and determine how to pivot our own programs and strategies to better serve our mission to eliminate violence. While we continue to ensure supports and protections are available for all survivors of violence, we also work to deepen our focus on primary prevention to prevent multiple forms of violence from happening in the first place.

As a result of this work as an organization, we are re-centering our focus in an equity framework – we seek equitable access to survivor support, accountability for those who have used abuse, and also equitable access to safety and opportunities for all members of our communities. We understand gender-based violence as a form of oppression and recognize the connection to other forms of inequity, directing our work to the intersection of all forms of discrimination, including racism, ableism, and homophobia.

Together, we can end domestic violence.

We believe that violence is preventable. When we come together, we create real change in the lives of individuals and in our communities. Join us in the movement to make Indiana a state that is safe, inclusive, and equitable for everyone.