Moving Toward Racial Equity Workshops

ICADV acknowledges that all forms of violence, including domestic violence, are rooted in oppression. And we cannot effectively work to end any kind of violence until we examine and understand the most pervasive form of oppression: racism. In April, ICADV staff participated in a Moving Toward Racial Equity workshop developed by the Black Lives Matter Advisory Group at the Center for Nonviolence (rooted in material from Towards the “Other America”: Anti-Racism Resources for White People Taking Action for Black Lives Matter by Chris Crass).

Talking about racism can be emotional, and as a staff, we had discussions about what anti-racism work means for our organization and the work we do. We also had discussions about how it feels when we make mistakes, but the need to lean into the discomfort of not always knowing what is right, and to do better the next the next time. Everything is a learning opportunity.

There are two regional trainings in July and we, as a staff and as an agency, strongly encourage member programs to participate. The objectives of this workshop are to provide a safe space for ICADV partner agencies to:

  • Explore the ways in which white people in U.S. culture experience privilege because of their whiteness, and, consequently, the ways in which people of color experience oppression as a result of white privilege.Rac
  • Be honest and vulnerable about the internalized biases white people carry and examine the ways in which these biases negatively impact people of color.
  • Explore the historical roots of racial oppression and white supremacy in the U.S. and their current systemic manifestations.

Registration is required for these workshops, and ICADV encourages member programs to send at least two individuals to this two-day learning experience: one supervisor or administrator and one direct service advocate. Registration is limited to 25 spots. Please contact Caryn Burton at for more information and to register.

Workshop Dates and Locations

July 9-10 – Wabash, IN

July 12-13 – Seymour, IN