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An open letter to our America:

 In Prevention, Stand4Respect

We’re students, athletes, believers, siblings, friends, and most importantly Americans. In the past week we’ve seen our communities lose sight of the ideals we value most. It feels like everything breaking apart, that we’re divided when we should be united. The people we want to stand up for are our neighbors, friends, and siblings, but it feels like we can’t even stand up for ourselves. They always taught us in school to value multiple opinions, diversity, and to stop bullying when we see it. The older we get it feels like not everyone’s on the same page. Like everyone’s listening to what they want and not what everyone needs. People are scared and maybe it’s justified, but we must not let it dampen the future (and Thanksgiving dinner conversations).

All Americans, all Hoosiers, all cities, and all families should feel welcome and included.

We want everyone to feel safe and come together to work for a brighter future that everyone regardless of where they come from can live and participate in equally. All Americans, all Hoosiers, all cities, and all families should feel welcome and included.  These are ideals that we are constantly working on and want everyone to help us. Come learn how we can come together at the ICADV Youth Summit. The Youth Summit is a platform for youth voices across the state of Indiana to come together and discuss issues that are meaningful and develop plans of action. We’ll see you in June.

Signed by,

Kayla, Sarah, Mary, Lauren, D’Janae, Isa, and Kyle


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