Recognizing the tireless work of advocates and DV program staff

We at ICADV want to provide public recognition for the individuals working on the front lines of two crises at once: the advocates and staff in our state’s DV programs. The ongoing pandemic has highlighted their critical role in supporting survivors, especially as economic instability and social distancing measures increase the rates at which families experience multiple forms of violence.

To those individuals putting in long hours to serve others while facing new challenges during this difficult and uncertain time: We see you. We appreciate you. We are here for you. 

There aren’t enough words to describe our deep appreciation for these individuals. So instead, we wanted to highlight theirs. Here are a few quotes from Indiana’s Domestic Violence Advocates who told us why they do this work and why it’s important to them:

“Passion to help others not feel alone, but understood and cared for. To also help them reach healing and meet goals they desire to meet.”

“Where I live, a great deal of the people I work with struggle with multiple barriers. Everyone deserves a chance to have a life that is safe . . . We are all one people and I feel honored to be a part of the process that brings stability, justice and healing to survivors.”

“I do this work because I feel a calling to do it. I’m not Superwoman or there to save anyone, I’m there to simply let them know they are believed, heard and give them options and resources to aid them in what they feel they need. I may never see them again but I know they will never forget the people who were in that room and the way they were treated.”

“I’m a survivor and I enjoy being able to help others in ways I needed help in the past. I want to change systems and create a better world. This work allows me to do that.”

If you are working in the anti-violence field, we want to hear from you. Please share why your work to end domestic violence is important to you, especially now. Tag ICADV and use #WhyIAdvocate or send us an email. We will feature your stories on our social media platforms in the coming weeks.

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