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Stand4Respect was a project of the prevention team at ICADV and the ICADV Youth Council between 2012 and 2018.

  • We believe that teen dating abuse is preventable.
  • We believe that teen dating abuse happens because our cultures and communities still accept the use of power, aggression, control, sexism and homophobia in relationships.
  • We believe that by establishing shared standards of fair, respectful behavior in all of our relationships, we’ll reduce teen dating abuse and other forms of abuse in our communities.
  • We believe that we are most successful when teens and adults work together to create relevant and cool prevention plans.

The ICADV Youth Council is a group of Indiana teens who are working to prevent teen dating abuse through the change of culture, not couples.

Traditional prevention efforts have focused on telling victims what to avoid. We believe that a change of culture is needed to improve how we treat each other in relationships. We work to make respectful relationship behavior the easy choice by:

  • fostering conversations between adults and teens about healthy relationships
  • encouraging other teens to take action
  • voicing teens’ points of view to adults who can make changes that impact teens
MEMBERS: Members of ICADV Youth Council who contributed to these resources are D’Janae’ A. from Marion County, Jylian U. from Howard County, Kyle B. from Vanderburgh County, Kylie L. from Franklin County, Lauren B. from Monroe County, Madison R. from Howard County, Mary P. from Franklin County, Sarah P. from Franklin County, Shay U. from Monroe County, Taylor M. from Monroe County, Montgomery O. from Marion County, Kylee J. from Marion County, Kayla N. from Marion County, Isabella B. from Marion County, Anya T.R from Monroe County, and Morgaine T.R. from Monroe County.

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