ICADV Announces Rape Prevention and Education Sub-Grantees

ICADV is an honored recipient of FY2019 Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) funds. ICADV has received this award from the Indiana State Department of Health, Office of Women’s Health since 2014.

Our 2019 RPE award will be used to continue to build a statewide, multi-sector collective impact collaborative to address violence prevention by use of an interconnected strategic approach of addressing shared risked and protective factors for sexual violence and multiple forms of violence. This approach is important to achieve long term sustainable system-level change by bringing together policies, practices and resources.

For a second year, RPE will fund the Abuse Prevention Task Force with people with a variety of disabilities. The task force has multiple goals including implementing a community needs assessment to hear from survivors with disabilities about what they need to be safe. Preventionists interested in receiving coaching on healthy sexuality policies or instruction on how to teach culturally competent healthy sexuality education for people with disabilities will have opportunities to receive coaching from disability-related agencies in 2019. Additionally, ICADV is collaborating with Multicultural Efforts to End Sexual Assault (MESA) on a second webinar series related to disability justice and violence prevention.

ICADV will also use the RPE funding to support two community organizations to implement innovative strategies designed to address the shared risk and protective factors of multiple forms of violence within their communities.

  1. Prevail, Inc. will expand the male engagement effort they have named the 100 Men Campaign.  100 Men largely targets two groups—first, the men who join the campaign, and second, young people who benefit from volunteers’ participation.  Sexual violence is often assumed to be a women’s issue.  However, we must remember that men are victims, men are perpetrators, men care about survivors, and men experience the social, political, and economic impacts of violence, as well.  Domestic violence and sexual violence are “all of us issues,” and we cannot engage in effective prevention work while excluding such a large percentage of our community.  To that end, the 100 Men Campaign is a chance to engage men in violence prevention.  Members will promote healthy relationships, challenge harmful social norms, and build positive relationships with youth in the community in order to create safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments.  We believe this will positively impact adults and children in Hamilton County by reducing many of the risk factors for violence while increasing associated protective factors.
  2. Hope’s Voice will be working in the Bicknell community in Knox County to build protective environments and community connectedness. Working closely with the community and local organizations, the new Bicknell Community Garden will increase neighborhood cohesiveness and reduce the likelihood of all forms of violence, including sexual violence.

We extend sincere congratulations to our sub-grantees and look forward to seeing how their work creates safe, stable and nurturing environments that prevent violence in Indiana.