Seeking a marketing firm for our Coordinated Entry public awareness campaign

Survivors of domestic violence in Indiana have repeatedly told us that a lack of access to safe and affordable housing is their primary barrier to finding safety and independence after an abusive relationship.

With these survivors’ needs in mind, ICADV is looking to partner with a public relations or marketing firm to develop and execute a comprehensive campaign to promotes access to critical housing services for survivors of domestic violence.

The main focus of the project is to promote awareness and use of the Coordinated Entry housing system to survivors of diverse backgrounds who are experiencing homelessness and less likely to access the system. We also hope to educate domestic violence service providers about the system and how they can leverage it to help the survivors they serve.

The end goal is to make the process easy to understand for everyone needing services and for those that provide services.

You can find the full Request for Proposal here. Proposals must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. ET on June 12, 2020.  Please contact Erika Young, or 317-917-3685, with any questions about this project.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Has ICADV executed a marketing campaign for CES in the past or is this initiative due to the COVID crisis and the potential/increase in domestic violence?

A: We have not executed a marketing campaign for the CES in the past and this is not an initiative due to the COVID crisis.  ICADV is the grantee of funds for this initiative.

Q: Is Indiana 2-1-1 the main point of contact for ICADV or is there outreach direct to your staff/support network?

A: 2-1-1 is not the main point of contact for ICADV.  We have DV programs throughout the state that link clients to the CES and 16 lead agencies that do CES intakes, 1 within the 16 regions in the Balance of State.

Q: Is there existing creative or branding which exists for CE or does ICADV want new branding materials developed? 

A: There is not existing branding that exists and ICADV will want new branding materials developed.

Q: Are you wanting an overhaul of the website with accompanying creative assets, i.e., video, collateral materials, etc? 

A: While some content will be available on our website, we are not looking for an overhaul of the website at this time.  We will be looking for collateral materials that can be displayed in several locations, which would include: rest stops/truck stops, clinics, hospitals, state and local parks, schools, community/neighborhood centers, libraries, food pantries, grocery stores, mainstream resource offices, salons, safe leaders, and minority health partners.  We are also interested in radio and television commercials.

Q: Will ICADV be using the materials on a PSA basis and online posting to your social media platforms? 

A: Yes.

Q: What is the psychographic profile of our targeted audience? 

A: Individuals and families experiencing homelessness due to fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence. The demographic will be vast as domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. There will be one similarity-trauma and/or crisis response.

Q: Is there a geographic target within the statewide focus? 

A: The Balance of State is the focus, which covers every county except Marion County.

Q: Is ICADV mandated to utilize any of the IHCDA marketing materials?

A: No.

Q: Will the CES campaign be separate from all other ICADV marketing efforts?

A: Somewhat, although we welcome collaboration and would love to have a cohesive visual identity across all of our messaging. 

Q: The campaign focus is July 1 – October 31, 2020 – is there a particular reason for this timing? 

A: Due to this being funded under a grant, the program year ends on 11/30/2020.  We must have everything wrapped up and by the end of the program year.

Q: The RFP cites the public and service providers as the target – does ICADV currently have a consistent outreach CRM program or system for communication with the providers?

A: We use Salsa Engage and CRM.  We have a member list and a public list.

Q: Is ICADV looking for the budget to include both advertising and content creation?

A: Yes, we are looking for the budget to include both.  We understand that RFP indicates the budget should not exceed $75,000 but, proposals over that dollar amount will not be denied. ICADV will be reviewing budgets to determine what best fits our needs for the project.

Q: Will content need to be posted to social media by the Offeror or will ICADV handle that?

A: ICADV will be looking for content that can be shared on social media.  Although the materials do need to be in a format that can be edited; we do have an internal Communications and Special Events Coordinator who manages our social media accounts and will take care of posting materials. 

Q: Is there a set number of materials ICADV is looking for, for example, x number of radio ads, x number of television commercials, or x number of printed flyers?

A: Not specifically, ICADV will be looking for recommendations from the Offeror within their proposal and budget.  We anticipate that the Offeror will take the lead on communicating with marketing avenues (radio, T.V., etc.).  ICADV will offer assistance with already established connections as applicable. 

Q: As far as video deliverables, does ICADV expect to create a television commercial or a video for digital platforms?

A: ICADV would like to have a video to be used for both.  We know that marginalized communities and survivors we are targeting may not be able to easily access the internet, so we would like something available on the public airwaves that they may encounter in a public space.  We are thinking a radio spot may be more cost-effective for this endeavor with the same end goal.

Q: Related to a television commercial, does ICADV already have a media partner?

A: ICADV has good working relationships with some central Indiana radio and television outlets but no exclusive media partner.

Q: Has ICADV done commercials in the past? If so, was it successful?

 A: Yes, but mostly for specific events, and it did seem to be fairly successful.

Q: Can ICADV elaborate on what platforms they plan to use for video?

A: Youtube, our website, social media channels, along with television.

Q: Will the Offeror be responsible for sizing all social media content for each appropriate channel?

ICADV has Adobe Creative Suite capacities and can handle sizing for each channel.

Q: In developing communications in different languages, is that included in the listed budget within the RFP?

A: Yes, we would be looking, at minimum, for materials in English and Spanish.  We also understand that there is a need to reach a Burmese speaking population.  In addition, we will want materials to reach people who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

Q: What should the marketing material/deliverables provide?

A: The marketing materials should be approachable and replicable to allow survivors access to safe and affordable housing.

Q: With the Balance of State covering 91 counties, should the marketing strategies be different for each county/region?

A: The Balance of State Continuum of Care has 16 regions throughout Indiana and each region is part of the CES.  Marketing strategies should account for the differences throughout the regions (e.g., rural vs. urban, etc.) and be inclusive of all demographics, including marginalized individuals.

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