Stand4Respect: Teens and Adults Working Together to Promote Healthy Relationships

10% of Indiana teens experience physical dating violence. Due to recent events in an Indiana community, parents may be looking for resources on how to talk to their teens about healthy relationships.

The ICADV Youth Council created the Stand4Respect website to help adults navigate these critical conversations. Written by youth for adults, Stand4Respect gives adults the information they need to not only TALK to youth about healthy relationships, but also how to LISTEN to what youth are asking about relationships, SHOW youth what healthy relationships look like, and STAND up for safe, stable, and nurturing environments so that all Indiana youth have the opportunity to thrive.

We know that talking about relationships to youth can be a little intimidating – but the ICADV Youth Council wants you to know that these are conversations that teens want to have – early and often. The Youth Council also created this PSA to let adults know that having these conversations aren’t as scary as they seem.

This February, be sure to check out this resource and share with other adults in your community to let Indiana’s youth know that you care about their well-being and safety when it comes to dating.

-ICADV Staff