The Tale of the T-Rex

Were you at Race Away from Domestic Violence last year? Do you remember seeing a T-Rex head bopping around above the crowd? Maybe you gave the T-Rex a high five, or you snapped a picture to post on Facebook or Instagram.

A person dressed in an inflatable T-Rex costume (tan colored), crossing a finish line

T-Rex, crossing the finish line at the 2017 Race Away from Domestic Violence

Yeah… that T-Rex was me. So here’s the story…

I kind of love those T-Rex videos online. You know the ones – people dress up in those inflatable T-Rex costumes and then make videos of them doing normal, everyday things that now look ridiculous because a T-Rex is doing them. Well, my friends and family know this and last year I was given the greatest birthday gift of all time – a T-Rex costume of my very own.

My birthday is around the time that I amp up my fundraising for ICADV’s annual 5k. This T-Rex costume gave me a new idea – if my friends and family helped me raise $500, I would wear my T-Rex costume for the 5k. Video footage of me crossing the finish line would be proof. 

I didn’t think it would actually happen. But apparently, me running in a T-Rex suit was enough motivation for my friends and families to pull out their credit cards and donate to my First Giving page. And truth be told, it was WAY too hot to be wearing that costume the whole time. So we stationed my fiancé at the first turn on the course, so he could help me get out of the suit. I then ran (jogged…walk/jogged) the rest of the course with my friends, and then he helped me put the suit back on before crossing the finish line. 

A man wearing a green shirt and orange vest smiles with arms outstretched as a person in a T-Rex costume run towards him

Love at first sighting of a T-Rex!

Well, we’re getting married this week, so it felt like a good opportunity to reflect on that memory, share this awesome photo, and inspire you to get creative when it comes to your own fundraising efforts! What can you do to motivate people to give or participate in this year’s race? Be sure to get registered for the race and set up a First Giving page – then think about how you can motivate and inspire others to support the cause! 



Communications Coordinator, ICADV