Verizon’s HopeLine Phone Program Update

ICADV has received notification from Verizon that the phone donation/ recycling program under the HopeLine by Verizon program will be ending. The timing of this change is due to several factors, including a decrease in phone donations as more customers opt to trade in older cell phones for newer models, and also by the declining availability of feature phones, which had been provided to domestic violence survivors by the HopeLine program.

Effective immediately, Verizon will not be accepting applications for phones from the HopeLine Program. The HopeLine phones currently in circulation will continue to have service through December 31, 2018. Please let your clients or those in possession of HopeLine phones today know of this important timeline. 

HopeLine by Verizon will continue to support domestic violence prevention through initiatives at the national level and in many local markets. Verizon will be reaching out proactively to match employee donations to domestic violence prevention organizations and to support volunteer opportunities. They will maintain support for the #Hope feature, which allows any Verizon Wireless customer to connect to the National Domestic Violence Hotline simply by dialing #Hope on their mobile phone. In addition, Verizon will remain committed to their employees impacted by domestic violence. 

Over the course of HopeLine’s phone donation program, millions of phones were provided to survivors of domestic violence and tens of millions of dollars were committed to support the important work of domestic violence prevention and awareness. ICADV is grateful for Verizon’s commitment to help bring an end to domestic violence, and we are grateful for our partnership to change communities and create better lives for victims and survivors.