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Domestic violence services and prevention are constantly evolving – and ICADV is changing too. We want you to be a part of the journey – whether you are a member, supporter, survivor, or stumbled upon this page by accident. When we come together, we can prevent domestic violence and support each other in a meaningful way. Whether it’s a new topic that we want to unpack, a resource you should check out, or a new initiative we want you to know about, the ICADV Blog is going to be your one stop shop for all things ICADV.


Members may be looking for new tools and resources to help them do their jobs better. You might want to know more about the latest topics and issues in domestic violence, or know what we have to say about national trends and current events. If you want to dive deeper into a concept you learned at a training, explore a new resource, or connect with other ICADV members, this will be where it happens.


Supporters will get to learn more about the projects ICADV is working on, and what steps they can take in their own communities to have an impact. Whether you support ICADV by coming to events, donating, or volunteering, we want to share our successes with you and also shine a spotlight on your contributions to our work!


Survivors can be lifted up and empowered by what they read in the blog. Know that there are individuals and programs around the state working around the clock to offer safety, opportunity, and independence. Learn about our work and feel strengthened by the community that surrounds you!


Community members have a role to play. If you don’t know much about domestic violence, we’ll share posts that help you understand more where this kind of violence comes from, how we are addressing it, and what we are doing to prevent it. We can help you get connected with community resources, so you can help our mission – to prevent and eliminate domestic violence…until the violence ends.


We plan on sharing a new blog post every week – and we’ll keep it interesting, with videos, podcasts, and posts written by ICADV staff and guest authors. We welcome respectful, inquisitive, engaging comments, and if you have an idea for a blog post, contact us <link to contact in footer> and share your idea!  If you’re looking for something specific, try using our keywords (will key words be visible on the side somewhere?) or the search bar.


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We can’t wait to share the work of the movement with you.