What you need to know: Indiana’s Eviction Moratorium Expires Friday (8/14)

Indiana’s eviction moratorium ends this Friday, August 14. Access to safe, stable and affordable housing is vital for survivors and their families, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here you will find some quick facts about what the end of the eviction moratorium means for Hoosiers, and resources for those seeking assistance:

Quick Facts:

  • This moratorium does not forgive rent owed, it just temporarily prohibited eviction filings. Rent owed has never been forgiven or paused.
  • Starting 8/14/2020, if a client is behind on rent they will likely be sent a notice of eviction, and even that notice is damaging to a survivor’s rental history record.
  • This week is the time to work something out with your landlord. We strongly suggest individuals work out a payment plan so the landlord does not file the notice of eviction.
  • The same applies to the utility freeze, which will also expire Friday, August 14, 2020. Contact the utility directly to negotiate a payment plan.
  • Help survivors work out a rent payment plant in advance of any eviction action taken with this form

Links for rental/utility assistance:

Indiana Courts’ resources

Fillable notice to Landlord requesting a settlement conference in lieu of a formal eviction notice.

Did you know? 

A landlord cannot evict a tenant without a court order. 

  • A legal eviction
    • Requires a court order
    • Requires legal notice and an opportunity to be heard

Landlords who try to illegally evict a tenant may: 

  • Change the locks or padlock the apartment
  • Remove doors to the property
  • Shut off utilities
  • Threaten or harass a tenant
  • Order the tenant to leave verbally or through written communication
  • Remove property or appliances from the unit that may or may not belong to the tenant
  • These so-called “self-help” evictions are not legal.  

If you are working with a survivor who is being wrongfully evicted, contact ICADV Legal Counsel Kerry Hyatt Bennett at kbennett@icadvinc.org

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