Why you should become a member of ICADV!

Membership has its benefits – the best one is knowing that you make a difference.


ICADV works to end domestic violence in communities across Indiana. We couldn’t do this life-changing work without our members. So why should you become a member?


When you become a member, you help grow the network of domestic violence programs across the state. You can receive continuing education credits and discounts for our trainings and professional development opportunities. We also provide a wide variety of free print materials to distribute at your workplace, school, or church. And as a member, you’ll receive a Member Newsletter with the information you need to take meaningful action to prevent domestic violence and support survivors across the state.


Most importantly, membership gives you the opportunity to guide the direction of the Coalition, by participating in member surveys, meetings, and committee participation.


Becoming a member is quick and easy! Fill out our Membership Form <link to Membership Form> and await your Member Packet, full of everything you need to know about ICADV and how you can be involved. If you have questions, contact me – Kelly Grey – at icadv@icadvinc.org.


To Infinity and Beyond,


Kelly Grey

Administrative Assistant